lördag, juli 09, 2011

The last pictures of Elftrinn

Thomas and his friend (sorry, forgot his name) who sailed the boat over to Denmark

This spring Elftrinn made her last days in swedish waters. At least for the now... Why? Because late this May I sold her to a really nice guy, named Thomas, from Denmark. I realized I didn't have the time to spend on the boat needed every year. So instead of letting her slowly decay on dry land I sold her to someone with more spare time then I to put his love in to this boat.

Turning the boat around in the harbour

These past years with Elftrinn has been great rewarding for me and I've learned a lot, both regarding restoration and sailing. I'm hoping Thomas is going to experience the same joy as I have done and I'm wishing him good luck in the future! I know he had a ruff time sailing Elftinn over to Denmark in one of this springs worst weather. With pouring rain and winds in between 10 to 20 m/sec.

Aproaching the jetty

So this is (probably) my last post on this blog but I'll keep the blog up (for an unknown future) for people to read and take part of my work on the boat. You may have noticed that this post is in poor written English? That's because it has come to my knowledge I have foreign readers.

Thomas and I posing after putting the rig up

So to all of you followers out there: Take care and good luck with your own projects!